Welcome to ECO JEMSS

ECO JEMSS provides the full range of sales and service for CSSDs, TSSUs, Hospitals, Laboratories, Private Clinics, Dentists and GP Offices. Between our four divisions, we have something for you.

Our company was founded in 2014 by people who are passionate about healthcare. We have since established ourselves within Western Australia as a highly qualified, customer focused, readily accessible and performance-based business. By providing effective aftercare solutions on our extensive range of sterilizers, washer disinfectors, pan flushers, dryers, ultrasonics, scope cabinets and rotary sealers ECO JEMSS can provide your business with the foundations required to succeed.

ECO JEMSS’ specialised and efficient service has allowed the development of two new divisions: RMD Reprocessing (Australia’s first stand alone RMD reprocessing plant) Fully Compliant and audited to AS/NZS4187:2014 and draft standard AS/NZS5369, and Electrical and Plumbing (the provision of medical, commercial and residential electrical and plumbing  work). With these new divisions, we can ensure that full support can be provided to current and future customers guaranteeing reliable and fully accredited services.


To build long term relationships by ensuring that we fully understand our clients' needs, as we believe that in order to provide outstanding services we need to be transparent and pursue our business through innovation and advanced technology.


To provide quality service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.


We believe in treating our customers with respect while ensuring that the portal of communication is always maintained openly and honestly. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of our business.

Our Divisions


We have sterilisers, washers, consumables and more! Our products are manufactured to the highest quality ISO standards.

See our extensive range of products to find something to suit your department.


Our servicing division can service, calibrate, validate and perform annual inspections on the machines in your department.

In addition, they can install and commission new machines as well as provide training to minimise breakdowns.

RMD Reprocessing

ECO JEMSS is committed to supporting and partnering with healthcare customers to provide a comprehensive range of tailored decontamination and sterilisation service solutions. We have highly skilled certified staff with a wealth of knowledge 

and experience that are committed to providing the highest standard of quality that meet all applications of AS/NZS4187 standards and regulations. 


Our newly created electrical and plumbing division can help you with all of your residential and commercial needs.

Our services include; ground works, all types of piping, plumbing maintenance and safety assessments, wiring and fit offs, installation of lights/power outlets/safety devices/smoke detectors etc.


ECO JEMSS is driven to make meaningful improvements to reduce our carbon footprint by committing to run fully paperless by 2019.

Additionally, ECO JEMSS frequently avoids waste by recycling many materials that ordinarily are thrown out.

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Why choose us?

1     Committed to you

ECO JEMSS is committed to following our core values of respect, trust, open communication, value for money and importantly a can do attitude. We believe these qualities provide the basis for ultimate customer satisfaction. Rest assured that if the worst happens, ECO JEMSS is covered by Insurances (including Public Liability, Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle) and Certificates of Currency are available on request.

2     Tailored solutions

Our experienced staff are able to service and supply a wide variety of machines. Service agreements can be individualised to suit your needs and may include all scheduled maintenance, calibration, validation and any annual inspections related to external and internal pressure vessels. In addition, we are able to source consumables for your department.

3     Support and Training

We are there to continuously support your department in the event of any breakdown or issues that may arise. In addition, we can provide your staff with the training they need to maintain OHS and assist in reducing breakdowns.

4     Consistent high standards

Your satisfaction is our number ONE priority. Our calibration and validation equipment is German made and certified by ISO 17665 which is equivalent to Australian Standards. Ongoing training ensures that our staff implement our core values and are able to provide outstanding services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

5     Independent

With over 100 years of experience combined, our team is able to install, service, calibrate, and validate an extensive range of machines including but not limited to sterilisers, washers, ultrasonics, and bedpan sanitiser from various manufacturers. In addition to these services we are able to assist you with annual inspections of internal and external pressure vessels.

6     Quality Management System

ECO JEMSS’ Quality Management System is ISO 9001 Certified. We continuously audit and improve our systems to ensure that we provide the best service possible.

Security and Privacy

ECO JEMSS takes security very seriously. We encourage responsible disclosure of any security issues that are discovered. If you discover an issue, whether a bug or security flaw, please contact us.

Cloud-based Data Storage

ECO JEMSS has developed an in-house cloud-based storage solution designed with a strong focus on security, to ensure that all information provided to ECO JEMSS is stored with the appropriate sensitivity and security. All data is encrypted at rest with industry standard AES-256 encryption and in transit with TLS.

Customer Privacy

It is with great importance that all information exchanged between our customers is maintained under strict confidentiality as our highly evolved IT systems place strict access controls to ensure that the minimum number of personnel have access and that information is never made available to other institutions.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

Due to the sensitive nature of data in the healthcare industry, ECO JEMSS has taken steps to maintain security by ensuring our systems undergo regular internal and external auditing. By continuously assessing our systems we are able to guarantee that data security and industry compliance is assured.

​Continuous Staff Training

Cyber Security is a volatile and continuously changing landscape so staff at ECO JEMSS attend regular training sessions to update their skills and identify threats to your data.

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